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This BYU draft class is *literally* off the charts

April 28, 2021

Zach Wilson is stealing the show at BYU, but his supporting cast of draft eligible Cougars is literally off the charts. (Yes literally! Look at the graph!)

Only seven BYU players have been selected in the draft since 2010, but over the next three days, that number could practically double. Pro Football Focus included eight Cougars in its top 300 draft board, and although a few of those will likely fall to free agency, five picks feels like a practical possibility.

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Everything's bigger in Texas - except for its NFL Draft stock

April 28, 2021

Year after year I prepare myself for the same college football narratives – Clemson and Alabama will compete for the title, Stanford will break my heart and Texas football is back… until it's week five and the team is 2-2.

So when I started dabbling in data from 247 Sports and Pro Football Reference a few weeks ago to see which schools underperform in the NFL Draft, I wasn’t surprised to see that Texas stands out. But the extent of the underperformance is shocking.

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Establish the *quarterback* run.

December 18, 2020

I was listening to the Ringer NFL Show’s recap of the Patriots' blowout loss to the Rams last Thursday and was intrigued when Warren Sharp said that Cam Newton plays better when he’s allowed to run.

“I thought this game plan from the Patriots was kind of trash,” Sharp said.

“They should know by now what Cam Newton is...”

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Daniel Jones isn't attempting as many risky passes as you think, but when he does, hold your breath.

November 8, 2020

Considering Jones’ high interception rate and low completion percentage (61.8% — 26th out of 33 quarterbacks) and given his record of questionable decision making, I expected to find him attempting more passes with a lower completion probability compared to the rest of the league.

But Jones’ density plot nearly mirrored that of the rest of the league’s quarterbacks. Surprisingly, one of the slight differences is that Jones has thrown fewer passes...

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Dear Chargers, please stop throwing... or maybe I should say rushing away first downs and let Justin Herbert bring honor to the Pac-12

October 22, 2020

Justin Herbert was sensational in his first four NFL games.

The No. 6 pick out of Oregon is currently the favorite to win NFL’s Rookie of the Year, just ahead of Joe Burrow. He ranks third in the league in...

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